Do You Need Our Mold Services For The Mold Growing in Your Home?

Do You Need Our Mold Services For The Mold Growing in Your Home?

Choose us for mold remediation services in the Largo & Clearwater, FL areas

A buildup of mold in your home can be dangerous. If you're exposed to mold for too long, it could lead to serious health issues. Mold Services Unlimited, Inc provides mold remediation and mold prevention services in Largo & Clearwater, FL and the surrounding areas.

If you have mold growing in your home, we'll find the source of water that's allowing the mold to grow. We'll clean up the affected area with a HEPA vacuum, floor to ceiling, and we'll sanitize everything in the room. We'll also take air samples. Our mold remediation process typically takes one day!

Call us right away at 813-833-7219 to schedule mold remediation services.

Keep mold out of your house

Of course, it's better to avoid any mold growing in your home altogether. Mold Services Unlimited provides mold prevention services in the Largo, FL area.

Here's how we make sure mold isn't growing in your home:

  • We'll check the attic and roof of your home regularly.
  • We'll walk the home's exterior looking for mold growth.
  • We'll inspect the AC unit and the plumbing often.

Reach out to us right away to set up a routine mold prevention visit.