Keep Mold Out of Your Air Ducts

Keep Mold Out of Your Air Ducts

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When mold gets into your air ducts, it could cause serious air quality issues. Mold Services Unlimited, Inc eliminates that risk by providing AC duct cleaning services to clients in the Largo & Clearwater, FL area. We don't consider a job finished until we're positive there's no mold left in the ducts.

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5 reasons to use TM-100 for AC duct cleaning

When you need an air duct cleaning in Largo & Clearwater, FL or the surrounding areas, you need to use a cleaning product that's effective and long-lasting. Mold Services Unlimited uses a product that's both of those things. When we provide AC duct cleaning services, we use TM-100.

Here's why we use TM-100:

  1. It's an all-natural, organic product.
  2. It's fast and efficient.
  3. The cleaning lasts much longer than other products' results.
  4. It's proven effective in cleaning mold.
  5. It can clean airborne mold spores.

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