About Us

Owners of Mold Services Unlimited, Deborah and Mike, are experienced and licensed general contractors that were inspired to help homeowners with mold and air related issues after Hurricane Irma in 2017. Deborah and Mike are passionate about the science behind mold remediation and air sampling and wanted to find a more efficient way to solve these issues for homeowners.

They have uncovered a new process for mold remediation, using TM 100 products on every job. This way is more beneficial and cost effective for homeowners because they do not have tear out drywall unless it is actually falling apart. Most mold remediation companies focus on demolition when mold has been exposed, Deborah and Mike take the approach of pinpointing the exact problem and source of mold growth, performing a proper assessment, sending the sample off to our lab, and treating the area without raising the cost of the homeowner if not needed. After all testing and remediations are completed for their clients, the contractor will go in a do a post sample air test to ensure that the mold threat is eliminated.

All contractors working for Mold Services Unlimited are licensed and NAM certified. Contractors also have to go through an interview process and pass proper training before working with clients. Every contractor tests each site before any mold remediation takes place and send in the mold samples to the lab.